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Timura Thermowood


timura Wood Manufacturer is a young company that specializes in the thermal treatment of native German wood. The company was founded in 2008 and production began in Rottleberodeinthe Lower Harz region in 2009. timura Wood Manufacturer acquired the patents held by Opel Therm GmbH, which was active for many years in the field of wood drying. The patented vacuum press drying method (Vacu³) used by timura is unique among processes for the production of heat-treated wood. This is why we can offer indoor products (solid wood flooring and 2-layer parquet), in addition to traditional outdoor products such as terracesfacades, and fencing.

For more detailed information about our patented Vacu³ process, please see the Thermo wood section of the menu. We are also renowned for our exceptional surface structures. timura has the world’s first planer system from Weinig which uses oscillating planer heads. Using these heads, we are able to factory produce products such as boards and panels that seem hand-crafted.

These and many other services complete our product portfolio.


    • On principle: no tropical wood
    • Sustainability is key
    • The highest standard of quality is mandatory
    • We strive for individuality

We have set ourselves the task of creating an eco-friendly alternative to tropical wood (i.e. teak, Bankirai, Ipe). Although rainforests are shrinking at an alarming rate, 200 years after the “principle of sustainability”, German farmed forests are increasing in size. timura Wood Manufacturer, with our controlled cultivation, represents the future in a society where environmental awareness and stringent controls on the lumber industry are a fact of life. We are both FSC and PEFC-certified, meaning we only use wood from responsible and sustainable forest management.

In addition to our ecological principles, we are also led by our passion to be individual. Our company is not only sustainable, but also highly design- and innovation-orientated! Just look at our product range.


timura Wood Manufacturer offers a wide range of local, certified and thermally-processed wood, for both outdoor (terrace, façade and fencing) and indoor use (solid wood flooring, 2-layer parquet). In addition to thermally-modified wood flooring, we offer in the field terrace and façade solutions, including substructure and connection technology. We also offer our customers a full range of maintenance products.


timura thermo wood is thermally treated so that, unlike conventional wood, it has minimal moisture absorption. Not only does this prevent swelling and contraction – and thus cracks – in the wood, it also massively reduces the risk of fungus or pest infestation.

Our wood is the only certified thermo wood in Germany that can be used in wet indoor areas such as bathrooms or saunas, as well as for outdoor use (terraces, facades and swimming pools). It is even possible to lay it over underfloor heating.

    • The finishing of our thermo wood is carried out using the patented vacuum-press drying method (Vacu³) for uniform treatment and colouring.
    • Possibility of repeated sanding without the loss of technical or visual quality.
    • Pressure treatment guarantees dimensional stability.
    • Vacuum treatment eliminates the need for formaldehyde / acids and ensures particularly low-emission products.
    • First certified thermo wood according to the AgBB


Leading timber traders are among our customers. With this in mind, every season we strive to create a new, innovative product catalogue. We are always open to ideas and suggestions from our customers and do our best to implement them. The fact that we are a medium-sized wood manufacturer means we can respond flexibly to our customers’ individual requests, which is an enormous benefit in the commercial sector.

In addition to architects and specialist retailers, we have cooperated with renowned industry customers for years, using our unique machinery to provide custom work. Examples of such work include the production of top layers with a thin cutting frame, thermal modification of veneers, and the structuring of boards with special profiles and surfaces, among many other things. We are in the position to be flexible and individually respond to our customers’ needs on the one hand, and are able to produce large quantities of consistently high-quality wood for our industrial customers on the other.

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